Gilbert Alba is a State of the Art Professional New York Private Investigator, Security and Crisis Management Expert.

Gilbert Alba has more than two decades of experience as a detective in the NYPD. Since becoming a New York Private Investigator, Gil was awarded Investigator of the Year Award by ALDONYS, an institution he would later serve as president.

ALDONYS LOGO for New York Private Investigator Gil Alba aka Gilbert Alba

Gil Alba is the New York Private Investigator You Need.

Our client base is diverse, ranging from attorneys, corporations, organizations, government personnel and individuals. Client’s need is what we strive for. You will be provided with our experienced professional investigator and security specialist. Alba Investigations has a proven track record furnishing you with solutions and results.

We are small enough to provide you with an exceptional personal relationship while maintaining a global reach. We recommend our world-renowned associates in both an investigative capacity and the security field.

Difficult and uncommon cases are our specialty.

Newspapers and other publications feature Gil Alba. He frequently appears on national television shows such as 48 Hours, 20/20, Americas Most Wanted. CNN, Fox News, NBC, and ABC. Additionally, MSNBC aired a one hour show on Alba’s cases, TruTV, as well as local news and cable programs.